SKY SYSTEM II is the second generation of Sky Paragliders popular reserve. The RESERVE is ENLTF certified and guarantees the best safety. The reserve is only 1,5 kg (90 size), it deploys very quickly and the sink rate meets the demanding EN standard of 5.5 m/s.

The use of more affordable materials as well as standardised and automated manufacturing methods yields especially good value with all the values needed for the safe and relaxed flying.

The reserve is supplied with maillon 6,0CI for connecting to the harness risers.

Technical info

SKY SYSTEM II 90 110 135
Surface (m2) 23,95 29,15 35,75
Number of panels  13 14 16
Max. take-off weight (kg) 90 110 135
Max. payload (kg) * 86 106 130
Sinkrate at max. payload (m/s) 5,5 5,5 5,5
Max. speed for opening (km/h) 115 115 115
Weight of the rescue (kg) 1,40 1,70 2,00
Certification EN 12491 / LTF EN 12491 / LTF EN 12491 / LTF
* weight of fully equipped pilot without the paraglider


Reserve: AF0801B - Parachute fabric

Lines: Lanex and Edelrid

Riser: 20mm  strap - Mouka Tišnov

Carbine: maillon 6,0 CI - Maillon Rapide