Autumn 2016

Coupe Icare review

Future Reality & Thinking Outside The Cloud
September 2016

The 43rd Coupe Icare has drawn to a close and leaves in its wake the designs, styles and trends that will etch themselves onto the 2017 season.
But what’s new from Sky I hear you ask? Well, really quite a lot.
The theme of this year’s stand was to evoke the spirit of design and to unveil the next era of fresh cutting edge designs. Adorned with sketches of current and future projects, as well as displaying the entire current product range, we also revealed our proto universal Paramotor frame. There was plenty to catch the eye.
Centre stage was our concept harness designed by Cyprian Koren.
Cyprian, now a full time Team Sky designer show cased his forward thinking design attitude with projects such as the new CRUX alpinist harness & Eyrie Light rucksack, as well as giving us an insight into the future range of Sky harnesses from his prolific sketch pad.
New additions to the glider range were in abundance. We have a rake of exciting new gliders for 2017; EXOS (EN C XC performer), APOLLO BI (EN C XC tandem), KOOKY Freestyle, PPG power series wings (beginner, intermediate and intermediate/expert).
The new gliders were presented beautifully at the constructors flight display. Exos, Apollo Bi and Apollo showed their clean lines and Exos headlined the show with a welcome high tech return to the performance EN C category.
Meanwhile on the Paramotor field, Paco Guera was putting Zorro through its paces around the track in fine style. Zorro, nicknamed The Game Changer) showed how versatile this wing really is, from cruising to fast high banked turns around the pylons. Paco’s infectious enthusiasm and wide smile told the whole story without the need for words. The beautiful Latino design partnership of Juan Salvadori (wing designer) and Paco Guera (design concept and testing) really has shown what is possible with this new generation of PPG wing.
For a more in depth look into the finer details of all the new products, please read on.


New Alpinist harness concept -  CRUX.
Not only does Crux show off new styling and materials, CRUX comes with the concept of simplicity and functionality for the alpinist who loves to fly.
CRUX’S clever design means no more reversing!
To unleash the harness, simply open the zip at the base of the ruck sack and the harness is ready to wear. The hybrid design utilizes the remainder of the ruck sack to form part of the harness. Because of the multi compartment system within the ruck sack, all your other gear remains in place beneath the wing. Voila, no more unpacking, reversing and repacking on a steep slippery slope. The roll top design of the ruck sack allows for top entry & expansion or compression to suit the load volume. Access is also possible via the main zipper either from the bottom or top. ‘On the move’ accessible side pockets also make life easy.
The whole design is light weight & anatomically designed for superb stability and load distribution whether in flight or climbing mode.
1kg Is the weight with a bag volume of 60 Litres.
Current 2016 – 2017 harnesses on display were the popular entry level Gii 3 range, which has proved more popular than ever this year, along with REVERSE 4, SKYLIGHTER 3 AND SKYLIGHT TOURIST 2.


We are so excited to bring to you our all new EN C glider EXOS. This long awaited re-emergence of a performance 3 liner EN C glider into the Sky range needed to be special, and special things take time. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.
APOLLO BI is in the final stages of certification. An EN C performance 3 line tandem for the connoisseur who likes to share the pleasure.
Entering into the world of freestyle, we bring you KOOKY. The very capable freestyle wing with versatile ability.
The PPG range gets finalized and we add another wing to the range; Zorro. An all new 'reflex' design to set the pace for the intermediate/expert Paramotor pilot.
Exos makes its debut
Paco Guera puts Zorro through its paces.
Equally comfortable around the pylons as it is cruising.


Aimed at XC enthusiasts of EN C skill level looking for a wing that is true to its class and which is not overly demanding to handle, yet offers the skilled pilot high performance and precision handling, along with a spirit so often attributed to Sky gliders.
With a 6.4 flat aspect ratio, she is not extreme, none the less, offering extremely good levels of performance.
Sport-line technology. Included technology is our LEO (Leading Edge Optimisation), Triple 3D cut and V Bridge system. We have managed to come with a fairly light weight construction which equates to 4.25kg for the Medium size.
We wanted to keep Exos practical to use. One key to the practicality of Exos is the clever selection of line used.
PPSL 200 (30% higher resistance after bending test over any other Vectran or Aramid comp line) offers stability and a long life.
The use of DC 60 for the thinner lines keeps things simple and clean.
Top and bottom surface fabric is Skytex 32 offering lightness, durability and quality.
Sublime Sky handling was a must.
Target release date Is Autumn 2016.

This exciting glider is proving to be a beautiful work of art. It's not designed for the everyday commercial use, but as a highly refined EN C Sport-line glider for the experienced pilot to share the dream or tackle the big adventure with partners and friends. Solo like handling, speed and glide and good looks are just a few of its features that open up a whole new world.
Sporting Sky’s LEO (Leading Edge Optimisation), 3 line scheme and triple 3D cut, her sporting lines are very much born from Apollo, our Sport-Line B glider.
Aspect ratio is
Top and bottom surface fabric is Skytex 38.
Target release early 2017.


KOOKY Freestyle
We want to share with you the feeling and thrill of carving through the air, totally connected and in tune with your wing. Seamless transitions and endless possibilities of freedom & expression lie within the Kooky freestyler so that you can access the next dimension and fully enhance your fly style.
Whether you are playing on the dunes or taking your first steps into the world of acro with your eye on pulling off those bigger moves, the design of Kooky has been tuned to make things as comfortable & as accessible as possible, yet dynamic enough. And finaly, just check out the new radical freestyle graphics!
Flying with the Kooky freestyler truly is the key to releasing your potential within.
Target release is Autumn 2016.

Apollo Bi flown by World record holders.  Kooky freestyle with radical graphics.
PPG Power Series

Sky Power division goes full steam ahead with the launch of its dedicated paramotor wing series and frames.
Zorro with Skyflex profile intermediate to expert.    Flux intermediate cruiser
Prototype Sky Genie universal frame. High grade CNC aircraft aluminium structure featuring an integrated 11.5 litre fuel tank. 7.6 kg total weight. Our super light weight version is also in proto stage. More news soon!


We know that pilot workload is extremely high in those early days of taking to the air.
CIMA PWR is designed to decrease this workload as much as possible and to inject as much fun and smiles as possible, and not just for the early days.
CIMA PWR is also suitable for occasional intermediates looking for a simple, no fuss all-round solution.
Many small details add up to make this possible, such as the structured leading edge to assist on those nil wind take-offs or the use of Skytex fabric to shed the moisture on those dewy days.
Even the Carry All Power bag has been specifically designed to make your day run as smooth as possible. These are just a few of the many details that go to make up this wing. The rest, well, you will probably only know they exist because you land with a smile.
4 sizes available from 21.4 – 27.2m covering weight ranges from 60-160kg
Flat aspect ratio 4.43.
Main Features:
High lift profile. Skytex water repellant fabric.Structured leading edge. Light & strong. Versatile speed range.Trimmer & accelerator risers. High/low optional hang points.
Target release October 2016

EYRIE LIGHT  rucksack

We are passionate bout innovative, light weight design solutions that really make a positive difference to the pilot’s experience. When we go to fly, we want to enjoy every single moment of the day, from stepping out of the house, to packing at the end of a great days flying.
EYRIE LIGHT wears our LIGHT LINE badge with pride and introduces new levels of detail with its Hybrid design to our range of rucksacks.
Blending high tech, light, strong materials together, integrated into an efficient, slim anatomical design, EYRIE LIGHT is designed with real advantages, not only for the hike and fly enthusiast, but for the occasional pilot too that just prefers things to be more compact, stable and light with the qualities of a high level trekking rucksack.
With 95L of internal volume and weighing in at only 750 grams, this fully optimized bag also features anatomically designed dual density carrying straps. Being born from the Eyrie pedigree means that the load distribution has been fine tuned for ultimate comfort, feel and mobility over months of severe testing.
Practical utility pockets cater for all those small but necessary extras with easy access to all, even when on the move.
Main features:
750g weight. 95 litres volume. Slim profile. Anatomical design. Durable, light weight materials with hybrid technology. Access to external utility pockets, even whilst on the move. Easy pack main zipper. Removable waist strap. Compression system.


Flux is the touring motor glider solution born from a gliding pedigree, yet designed to work intimately with power.
We wanted to create a wing that is just as at home using the natural air currents with engine off, as it is at feeling comfortable under power on a playful cruise. We have infused Flux with all that is needed to make quite a special touring motor glider when coupled to a light weight power unit. Flux’s profile is designed to enable slow and short take offs, efficient climb and cruise and a short, slow landing. The handling is subtle enough to core the thermals, yet comfortable enough under power. The efficient glide ratio will satisfy the eager glider pilot and open up new possibilities.
Main Features:
Fuel efficient. Versatile speed range. Thermalling ability. Skytex water repellant fabric. Structured leading edge. Trimmer & accelerator risers. Tip steering system. High/low optional hang points. Low speed take-off & landing.
Target release October 2016.


The game changer. All-round fun.
ZORRO is fast. Very fast if you choose.
Few pilots get to experience the thrill of real speed at cruise. Fully loaded, speed that’s pushing the limits of reason, riding the fine line between far enough and too far.
But it’s not all about speed.
ZORROS speed range remains versatile. A wing that can take off and land at reasonable speeds, and climb swiftly too.
In ZORRO, we have created a wing that can cruise comfortably at a higher than normal speed. A wing that is easy to launch and comfortable to land. A wing where experienced pilots can really utilize its versatility.
Slow trim and a touch of brake offers economic climb rates and glide ratios. Unleashing the trimmers offers an incredible speed range.
Our Skyflex profile makes this possible.
Pilot level: Wing loading specific from intermediate to expert. Select your size and choose your level of aggression.
Main Features:
Skyflex profile
Tip steering
Skytex fabric
Large speed range
High max speed
Reinforced leading edge
Trimmers & accelerator

Target release date Autumn 2016
See the video