Kossen Testival

Kossen produced the amazing micro climate that it is famous for, despite the weather predictions showing rain and storms. The beautiful Austrian peaks and lakes were in all their Spring time glory with the high peaks still retaining large amounts of snow. The fantastic lapse rates made for 4 to 5m/s climbs on the first day and many tours of the valley were achieved. Cyprian Koren, Sky R&D team member, raced the APOLLO around the Austrian skies and gave the sailplane pilots a run for their money.

APOLLO was the main attraction and we constantly had 15 APOLLO gliders in the air at any one time.
With over 150 individual demo flights made by Anakis 3 and APOLLO, we shared many smiles with the pilots and they kept us really busy on the stand over the four day event.

On the harness stand we presented all the latest products. SKYLIGHTER 3 and REVERSE 4 took the main portion of attraction, closely followed by Gii 3.
From a personal point of view, it was so gratifying to hear all the great feedback from the pilots and to see their smiling faces.

If you are thinking about a trip to the mountains this time next year, then certainly consider the Kossen Testival at the top of your list and join the Sky party.

A big thanks must go out to Martin Schwartz, our German/Austrian distributor, for his continued support and hard work and also to his newly formed Apollo team.