Counting Down to the Coupe Icare

It’s once again that time of year when paragliding manufacturers from around the globe gather at the biggest free flight festival in the world; The Coupe Icare 17-20/09/2015.

Based at St Hillaire du Touvet, nestled high on a col at the foot of Dent de Crolles in the Rhone-Alpes mountains and often referred to as the Woodstock of free flight. Three days of expo and festivities rampage through the village, over the meadows and into the air. The atmosphere is beautifully depicted in this video

Sky Paragliders will of course be exhibiting their very latest creations and products, not only from the present but also for the 2016 season ahead.

What’s on show from Sky?

Our new product portfolio will be introduced which will now be clearly defined into three categories, Sport-line, Comfort-line and Light-line.

We will be introducing our very latest glider creation from the Sport-line series within the EN B category. This totally new wing has been designed as a 5.45 aspect ratio, top performing sports class wing aimed at very competent pilots looking for class winning performance in the B category.

Sport-line series wings are designed to handle and perform at the top of their class, offering the pilot ultimate performance at their fingertips.

Comfort-line series provides all the balanced, compact handling, practicality and ease of use that so many Sky pilots, over the years, have discovered and come to adore. The intricate, yet uncluttered ergonomic designs blend measured handling and easily accessible performance with precision and quality to deliver a glider that produces a comfortable, low stress in-flight experience.
Light –line series is exactly that. Not just simply light versions of existing models, but specifically enhanced products to bring you the ultimate light flight experience whether for extreme expeditions and adventures or for every day hike and fly. The blending of the highest tech materials and clever weight saving design features create real size wings with real weight savings and low pack volumes.
Our new Power-series of paramotor wings will also be encompassed within the series philosophy and introduced at the expo. Sporting new graphics and specific design features, they will capture the imagination of even the most hard core power head.
Our specific Line series of designs not only defines our glider portfolio but all of our other products too, from harnesses to reserves, all the way through to the smallest details and features on every single product.
Identifying and choosing the ultimate piece of kit from Sky becomes a very logical, enjoyable and easy process, ensuring that you get exactly the right piece of flying equipment to suit your precise needs.
So you see we have been quite busy. But there is so much more to see & to discuss.

We would love you to come along and visit us on our stand and discover all that we create and to find out more of what’s in the Sky for the years ahead.

Best wishes and happy flying

Tim King and from all of the Sky Team