Technical Check Up

The check-up of the canopy starts with porosity measurements – porosity is measured by a special device on several places on the glider – middle cell – place which is loaded most, bottom panels, and also the stabilisers. The value measured is recorded in the protocol – the value of the porosity is relative and as a does not describe the quality of the glider, it is one of several aspects covered in the technical check-up. The value that you might see on the protocol states the time in second during which one litre of air penetrates through the cloth.
Now, the quality of the fabric is checked, the search for tiny defects is essential during the control. All the defects are marked and the company technician decides how to make the repair…. Small defects are corrected by the rip stop; pieces with bigger defects are to be replaced for new pieces.
When the canopy is checked, the line checking and measuring starts. First of all the line is checked for the defects, the quality of stitching is controlled and all the lines with damaged are marked for replacement. The lines have to be always replaced on the left and right sizes at the same time, even if the line is damaged on side only.
The geometry of the risers is checked and the whole line setting is measured again. The lines are measured under the tension of five kilograms, all the results are recorded again …
When the measuring is finished and visually checked, the glider is inflated and double checked again.
The last thing to be done is filing all the data and archive it for future references…